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About Valley Countertops

Valley Countertops of Abbotsford, British Columbia Canada has been supplying quality surfacing work and countertops to Western Canadian communities for over 40 years!

Valley Countertops has maintained our position as a leader in the countertop Industry by offering world leading products such as, Silestone Quartz, Natural Granite and Marble, and Dupont Corian Solid Surface.  

Continued attention to the latest of technology as well as the timeless tradition of craftsmanship, Valley Countertops is known for quality work. There are more than 100 knowledgeable professionals on staff to meet your every countertop requirement.

We offer the specific attention that you need, including in-house Interior Designers to work with the end user, Full-time countertop designers to work with kitchen designers and a Commercial Division to focus on the needs of the builder and/or multi-unit projects, such as:

  • Volume Pricing

  • Prototypes

  • Export Expertise

  • Job Cost Comparison

  • Full-time Customer Service Manager, with emphasis on service and scheduling

Due to the high demand for our countertop and solid surfacing expertise and products, Valley Countertops has expanded to include the western provinces of Canada and various markets in the United States. Valley Countertops,warranties our workmanship. We extend a One Year Warranty on jobs we install. As members in good standing with the NKBA (National Kitchen & Bath Association) we are committed to the professional conduct that you deserve in this demanding marketplace.

Valley Countertops Industries Ltd, is a leader in providing premium, custom manufactured countertop solutions.

We provide kitchen and vanity countertops! Whether you are building a project like the MGM Grand in Las Vegas or a Condo in Vancouver, you will have the advantage of over 100 combined years of countertop design expertise.

Our colour and specification countertop experts will not only help you find the look that works for you, but help you find the right product that will perform for you.

At Valley Countertops, our commitment is to provide you with all the options that will allow you to make an informed decision about your project.

Press Releases from Valley Countertop

World Leader in Quartz and Stone Surfacing Sets New Standard for Environmental Practices

NEW YORK, New York (April 21, 2009) – Cosentino, the world leader in quartz surfacing and one of the world’s ...

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World Leader in Quartz and Stone Surfacing Sets New Standard for Environmental Practices

NEW YORK, New York (April 21, 2009) – Cosentino, the world leader in quartz surfacing and one of the world’s largest natural stone importers, announces the launch of ECO™ by Cosentino (www.ecobycosentino.com), a revolutionary new line of countertop and surfacing material composed of 75% recycled material. The launch of ECO™ by Cosentino sets an unprecedented standard for the green building and sustainable design industries.

The result of a six million dollar research and development investment, this innovative new product caters to the environmentally conscious and design-oriented architect, designer, and consumer by providing high performance, design and sustainability. ECO™ by Cosentino will enter the market in April 2009, and is available at all Lowe’s stores nationwide as well as specialty kitchen and bath distributors and showrooms across the country.

“The launch of ECO™ by Cosentino is an exciting milestone for the company,” said Roberto Contreras, Jr., President of Cosentino North America. “It marks the introduction of an entirely new category to the industry and sets a new standard that not only complies with environmental regulations but goes beyond and invests in innovative environmental and conservation practices and technologies.” ECO™ by Cosentino is composed of 75% post-industrial and post-consumer recycled raw material, including: mirrors salvaged from houses, building and factories; glass from windows and bottles; granulated glass from consumer recycling practices; porcelain from china, tiles, sinks, toilets and decorative elements; and industrial furnace residuals from factories in the form of crystallized ashes.

By utilizing these recycled materials, Cosentino is “upcycling” products that have reached the end of their lifecycle – meaning that they cannot be incorporated in to any other industrial product and would otherwise collect in landfill sites. According to Cosentino, approximately 3000 glass bottles equals 1Tn of raw materials. The production of ECO™ by Cosentino is expected to re-use the equivalent of 60,000,000 glass bottles every year. Reutilizing this huge amount of material prevents it from building up at landfills year after year, and reduces the need to mine for new resources. The recycled content is then mixed with 25% natural material including: stone scrap from mountains, quarries, manufacturing, and fabrication; and is bonded together with a proprietary eco-friendly resin made in part with corn oil and soy. This pioneering resin is the result of a major research and development initiative, and is unmatched in the market today. ECO™ by Cosentino’s unique make-up of recycled materials combined with natural elements is achieved through state-of-the-art technology and delivers a hard durable surface that has high stain, scratch and scorch performance. Unlike more traditional materials, it is non-porous and does not require sealers.

At launch, ECO™ by Cosentino is available in two sophisticated color palettes – the Revive collection and the Green collection – totaling 10 individual designer colors, suitable for both commercial and residential projects. It is also available in both a polished and a matte Leather Texture™ finish. ECO™ by Cosentino is available in jumbo slabs of 63”x 128” and standard tile sizes of 12”x 12”, 18”x 18” and 4”x 24”. The jumbo slabs allow for a higher square footage of material per container, therefore minimizing the sely matches the superior durability of quartz surfaces, exceeds the performance of more onventional materials such as granite and marble, and is dramatically less damaging to the environment. It is the osentino is committed to the continuous improvement and development of eco-friendly processes through market for green products grows exponentially, the growth of the company is izing ust emissions in all phases of production; purifying 99% of Volatile Organic Compound (VOCs) factory emissions; E2 product’s carbon foot print, and provide a higher yield of material during fabrication, minimizing seams and waste. The slabs are available in 1.2cm, 2cm and 3cm thickness to respond to varying market needs.

Architects and building teams will gain points toward LEED certification from the U.S. Green Building Council for a building project that utilizes ECO™ by Cosentino surfacing. ECO™ by Cosentino is GREENGUARD certified for low chemical emissions. “ECO™ by Cosentino clo c ideal product for today’s eco-minded consumer who seeks performance and sustainability, without sacrificing design,” said Valentin Tijeras Garcia, Director of Product Innovation, Cosentino.

Commitment to the Environment, innovation and technology. As the directly linked to its green practices that respect, protect and rebuild the environment – from the early stages of mining and sourcing raw materials, through to product manufacturing, distribution, fabrication and installation. In the creation of ECO™, Cosentino has advanced its environmental standards to a new high, including: minim d optimizing water usage through water reclamation processes that allows the company to use 94% recycled water in production processes; and pursuing quarry restoration and mountain reforestation under strict stewardship programs. In addition, all of the packaging and marketing materials created for the promotion of ECO™ are ecofriendly, made from recycled materials.

As an industry world leader, Cosentino will apply these new standards across the board to all its full portfolio of existing products, including Silestone®.

About Cosentino North America Cosentino, a global natural stone manufacturer, began harvesting precious stones from the finest quarries in Europe close to a century ago. The Spanish company currently distributes material in more than 80 countries. Cosentino North America was established in 1998 to distribute and market natural quartz products in the US, Canada and Mexico. With 11 manufacturing lines, Cosentino is the largest manufacturer of natural quartz surfaces in the world. The company covers the entire process of producing natural stone products including quarrying, fabricating and installing surfaces, such as kitchen and bathroom countertops, wall cladding and many other applications. For more information regarding Cosentino, visit www.cosentinonorthamerica.com.

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GREENGUARD® Certification, NSF® Certification and Microban®Make Silestone® A Cleaner, Safer Countertop

Houston, Jan., 2007—Leading the movement towards cleaner, safer surfacing materials,Silestone® Quartz has been awarded GREENGUARD Indoor Air...

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GREENGUARD® Certification, NSF® Certification and Microban®Make Silestone® A Cleaner, Safer Countertop

Houston, Jan., 2007—Leading the movement towards cleaner, safer surfacing materials,Silestone® Quartz has been awarded GREENGUARD Indoor Air Quality Certification from the GREENGUARD Environmental Institute. This Certification means that Silestone® Quartz emits low-to-no-emissions (off gassing) of toxic chemicals into the indoor environment.

Incorporating products such as Silestone® Quartz can help reduce the level of harmful indoorair pollutants in your home. The only countertop with built-in Microban protection, thisGreenguard Certification added to National Sanitation Foundation (NSF) 51 certification forfood preparation areas truly makes Silestone® a cleaner safer countertop. What does Greenguard mean to Silestone®? Studies conducted by the U.S. Environmental Protection agency show that indoor airpollution can be more than 100 times higher than outdoor pollution levels.

As homes becomemore energy efficient, contaminants tend to remain trapped within your living space insteadof being circulated into the outdoor environment. “We spend most of our lives indoors, so it isimportant to choose building materials, such as Silestone® Quartz, that do not promote theoff-gassing of harmful contaminants into the air we breathe,” said Travis Dupre, ExecutiveVice President of Sales & Marketing, Cosentino North America. “Silestone® is a cleaner, saferproduct for your home.” Some of the worst indoor polluters include volatile organic compounds (VOCs), carbonmonoxide, cooking particles and nitrogen oxides. These harmful compounds can contribute to Silestone® quartz countertops inYukon Blanco from River Series™ Silestone® GREENGUARD Certificationsick building syndrome, a condition characterized by dizziness, nausea and related illnesses.

Choosing environmentally friendly products such as Silestone® Quartz can greatly reduce thelevel of toxins and create a safer indoor environment. The unique combination of GREENGUARD Certification, NSF Certification and built-inMicroban protection make Silestone® Quartz a cleaner, safer surface ideal for all interiorapplications and preferred by educated homeowners and professionals in the building anddesign industries. Exclusive Microban ProtectionSilestone® Quartz is the only countertop with built-in Microban antimicrobial protection. Microban safelydeters the growth of odor-causing bacteria, mold and mildew for cleaner countertops. Microbanprotection does not protect users from food borne illnesses and is not a substitute for normal cleaningpractices. About the GREENGUARD Environmental InstituteThe GREENGUARD Environmental Institute™ (GEI) is an industry-independent, non-profit organizationthat oversees the GREENGUARD Certification Program.

As an ANSI Accredited Standards Developer, GEIestablishes acceptable indoor air standards for indoor products, environments, and buildings. GEI’smission is to improve public health and quality of life through programs that improve indoor air. A GEIAdvisory Board consisting of independent volunteers, who are renowned experts in the areas of indoorair quality, public and environmental health, building design and construction, and public policy,provides guidance and leadership to GE.NSFThe NSF Mark can be found on millions of consumer, commercial, and industrial products today. Products evaluated and certified by NSF International include bottled water, food equipment, homewater treatment products, home appliances, plumbing and faucets, and even pool and spacomponents.

The NSF Mark is your assurance that the product has been tested by one of the mostrespected independent certification companies in existence today, NSF International.

About Cosentino®Cosentino, a global natural stone giant, began harvesting precious stones from the finest quarries inEurope close to a century ago. In 1998, Cosentino expanded its commitment to innovation andintroduced Silestone® quartz, now the leader of the quartz industry. Cosentino has an unequaledmanufacturing capacity, a reliable network of dedicated distributors and the most unique surfacingproducts on the market. About Silestone®The leader in Quartz Surfaces, Silestone® was created in Spain by Cosentino, global natural stone giant. Silestone® combines sophisticated style with sophisticated functionality through its fashion forward colorand texture offerings and its unique blend of physical attributes that make it a cleaner, safer surface. With a palette of more than 60 colors and 2 distinct textures, Silestone® is the only countertop in theworld to feature the unique combination of built-in Microban protection, NSF Certification andGREENGUARD Certification. Silestone® is available coast-to-coast in North America through a maturenetwork of distributors, Certified Installers and more than 4,500 retailers. Additional information about Silestone® is available by calling 800-291-1311 or by visiting www.silestoneusa.com.

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