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  • Valley countertops has been fabricating countertops for over 35 years in Western Canada.

  • Our fabrication facility is in Abbotsford BC and we service all the Western provinces from BC to Manitoba.

  • We have installed countertops in approximately 100,000 homes during these years. So we have probably seen every situation that exists out there and know how to handle it.

  • We started with laminate countertops in the 1970s and 80s. We added Corian in the 1990s. And then added quartz and granite in the early 2000s.

  • Today we provide numerous premium countertop products to various segments of the countertop industry. (Including Love it or List it Vancouver.)

  • We have a growing business relationship with the Home Depot for the past fourteen years and value that relationship very much.


Choosing Your Countertops

Making an informed decision is key to the satisfaction of the products and services you choose.

This is one of the most important steps in the buying process. Taking the time at this point to consider your options will result in increased satisfaction.

Use the following product comparison chart to help determine what product is most suited for your needs.

Determine what is important to you - color, durability, glass, feel, seam visibility, chips, uniqueness, etc.

Note: Countertops are special order merchandise that are custome made (ie, uniquely altered, color-matched, shaped, sized or otherwise uniquely designed 
or fitted to accommodate the requirements of a particular space or environment) and are non-refundable and the purchase price cannot be refunded.


Warranty Items Covered







Scratch Resistant







Stain Resistant







Hear Resistant

*Trivets still required

Excellent Excellent Excellent

Very Good

Fair Excellent

Impact Resistant

Good Good Good Good Very Good Poor

Color/Pattern Consistency

Very Good Good Good Poor Excellent Very Good

Renewable and Repairable

Very Good Good Good Fair Excellent Poor

Visibility of Seam

*Less noticeable (Visible & Felt)

      Fair Excellent Fair

Pattern Change at Seam


Surface Finish


Smooth to Touch


Rough to Touch


Rough to Touch


Rough to Touch


Smooth to Touch


Smooth to Touch

Visible Fissures (cracks), pitting and

oxidation of areas with minerals

None None None


(varies by color)

None None

NSF Food Safety Certified

 Yes Yes Yes No Yes Yes


25 - Years 25 - Years 15 - Years  15 - Years  15 - Years 25 - Years 

Min material required around

sink cutout (in mm)

(F=Front, B=Back/Side)

F,B F,B F,B F,B  F,B F,B 

Polished Kitchen sink cutout

100,50 100,50 100,50   100,100 100,50  100,100 

Polished Vanity sink cutout

100,100 100,100 100,100 100,100 100,100 100,100

Unfinished cutout

75,50 75,50 75,50 75,50 75,50 75,50/15 


Installation Warranty: VCI is responsible for the 1 Year Fabrication (Installation) Warranty (Items covered are sink, seals and seams). Service Calls can be arranged at no charge for these items. Only after one year from the date of install, service calls will require a minimum charge (Please see Table 1. VCI Installation Warranty).

Material Warranty: The manufacturer is responsible for the multi-year warranty which varies by material (Please see Table 2. Warranty Items Covered).

Items not covered by Warranty (Please see Table 3. Items Not Covered by Warranty).

 VCI Installation Warranty Silestone Eco Geos Granite Corian Dekton
Sink Seals            
Seam Separation            


Warranty Items Covered Silestone Eco Geos Granite Corian Dekton
Limited Stain Warranty            
Manufacturing Defects in Material          


Items Not Covered by Warranty Silestone Eco Geos Granite Corian Dekton
Veining, Fissures, Pits and Areas that change color due to Oxidization naturally occurring in Granite            
Dislodged Pieces (Quartz, Glass etc.) also called "pits".            
Cracks-Caused by excessive load, heat or settling.            
Staining - Due to customer not following the care and maintenance guides            
Color, Gloss and sheen Variations            
Damage to Countertops due to contact with chemicals            
Damage Due to improper care and maintenance            
Customer Opinions, Preferences or Remorse Over Purchase            




What is the difference between the included eased edge and the upgraded double radius edge?

The eased edge is a flat polished edge with no curve on the top or bottom. The Double radius has curves on the top and bottom either at 3mm or 8mm depending on your aesthetic choice. Double Radius Edges are superior to the eased edge in chippin performance.

Does my customer's sink have to be on site at time of the measure appointment?

Yes, we cannot complete the measure appointment unless the sink is on site. 

The actual physical sink measurements are taken on site to ensure accuracy of the sink hole cutouts, if we attend the customer's measure appointment and they do not have the sink on site, then we cannot finish the measure appointment.

Do the countertops need to be removed prior to the measure appointment?

No, the countertops can stay in place for the measure appointment.

What needs to be done before you come to install? Does the dishwasher have to be removed? Does the stove need to be moved? Does the plumbing need to be disconnected?

These items will be discussed with the customer at the measure appointment. In most cases the dishwasher does NOT need to be removed however the Stove and Fridge will need to be moved and placed out of the working area for the installation appointment.

My customer just chose their sink do they phone VCI with the information?

No. Please have the customer take the sink home for their measure appointment.

How much is a trip charge for my out of town customers? How far are you willing to go?

Trip foes vary. Within 30km from the store is free, 31-100kms cost $1.30/km one way. Additional toll or ferry charges are applicable in some regions.

My customer has chosen an apron sink, does this have to be onsite prior to measure appointment?

Apron sinks must be on site and installed in their permanent location BEFORE  the measure appointment.

Why can't VCI do the plumbing if the customer is asking for it?

VCI offers basic plumbing services that can be done within the sink cabinet in some regions. These items may include sink, faucet and supply line, garburator and dishwasher connections. VCI does not install new dishwashers, water filters, hot water dispensers etc.

Why can't VCI remove the tile countertops or splash?

Tile countertops are difficult and time consuming to remove. Removal of tile often causes damage to wall and cabinet surfaces which VCI cannot be responsible for repairing. Customer should remove tile on their own of using a contractor trained to do so.

How large of a place can my customer get without a seam?

This depends on the material and you will need to ask your CSR. The current maximum size is 117*x54*. Size will be limited by weight and access to the home. Additional charges will apply for tops over 17 square feet.







Sink Mounting Option -Undermount sinks

Each sink manufacturer has specified sink mounting options for each of their sinks. They fall into 3 categories: Overhung, Flush and Reveal. VCI will only provide the mounting options that the manufacturer has specified for the sink that has been chosen.


Cosentino, S.A.U. guarantee the registered owner of the installed SILESTONE® by Cosentino® product against any manufacturing defects for a period of TWENTY-FIVE (25) YEARS from date of purchase. Please keep your proof of purchase.

This Letter of Warranty shall have full validity only when the consumer has registered within 60 days of purchase of the product, as indicated in the corresponding section, and when the consumer submits the original invoice or sales receipt (indicating the purchase date and name of the dealer of the product). The consumer shall send the defective product to COSENTINO, S.A.U. in order to be effective, this warranty must be registered online on the website http://www.warranty.cosentino.com

COSENTINO, S.A.U reserve the right not to offer the free warranty service if the requirement set forth in the preceding paragraph are not met, or if the information provided by the consumer is false, incomplete or illegible. 

What the Warranty Covers

The warranty obligates CONSENTINO, S.A.U. to replace or repair any defective product for a period of TWENTY-FIVE (25) YEARS under the terms and conditions contained herein, with the same characteristics (color, thickness, etc.) as those of the product purchased by the customer.

This warranty covers SILESTONE® by Cosentino® quartz surfaces, designed for two-dimensional applications such as countertops, cladding, walls and floors permanently installed in the interior of a dwelling (or property intended for use other than as a residence) of the consumer or the end user of the product. It is important that the choice of color and finish is finalised prior to closing the purchase since any subsequent modification of any of these choices will not be covered by this warranty.

This Letter of Warranty is in all cases conditional upon the strict observance by the consumer of the instructions for use and the maintenance of the SILESTONE® by Cosentino® product as detailed in the existing user manuals for the various applications of the product.

What the warranty does not cover

Any damage directly or indirectly caused by any action, work or any other intervention carried out by third parties not related to CONSENTINO, S.A.U, such as:problems caused by inappropriate installation methods or by any other modification or manipulation of the original SILESTONE® by Cosentino®product, such as variations in color, thermal impact or an inappropriate chemical treatment, performed by third parties not related to CONSENTINO, S.A..

Problems, damage or inconvenience arising from the generation of static electricity or the use of products designed to eliminate or reduce its effects.

Damage arising from deficiencies or omissions in the technical projects on which the buildings


General Advice for Use

Regular Cleaning and Maintenance

Silestone® and ECO by Cosentino® are low porous surfaces and therefore highly resistant to evertyday domestic stains. For regular cleaning of Silestone® or ECO by Cosentino® surfaces, Cosentino S.A recommends you use Q-Action. If Q-Action is not available, water and mild, neutral soap is the best option for regular cleaning.

Cleaning Stubborn Stains

The following are some of the actions to be carried out for the stubborn stains that have built up over time.

Grease Stains

Apply Q-Action to the stain and leave for 2 minutes then gently scrub with a soft scouring pad (normally supplied for ceramic hobs) until it disappears. Rinse immediately with water and dry. If Q-Action is not available, use CIF Original Cream in the same way.

Limescale (glass marks)

Pour an anti-limescale product (like Viakal or similar) onto the surface and leave to act for 1 min. Rinse with plenty of water and dry. Follow the instruction recommended by the manufacturer.

Silicon And Putty Marks

Using a blunt spatula and CleanColorsil or Solvent-based silicon remover (that does not contain dichloromethane) gently scrub with a soft scouring pad (for ceramic hobs). Then rinse with plenty of water and dry. We recommend that the marks are removed at the time of installation.


Difficult Stains

For difficult stains, pour !-Action (or CIF Original Cream) onto the affected area leaving it to act for 2 mins. Next gently scrub with a soft scouring pad (for ceramic hobs),  rinse with plenty of water and dry.

Reaction to Knocks

One of the characteristics that makes these surfaces stand out is their high resistance to knocks. However, avoid striking areas of the surface that due to the fabrication of design, may be slightly weaker (pointed corners, fine edges, etc.)

Reaction to Heat

After using kitchen utensils such as frying pans, saucepans, etc, do not place them directly on the surface. Leave them on top of a table mat (if possible with rubber support) to cool down. The reasoning behind this is that the thermal shock caused by the difference in temperature (cold/hot) could damage the surface.

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