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Love It or List It is moving west! The Vancouver spin-off showcases families who are struggling with homes that no longer suit their needs. Whether they've outgrown the home they once loved or the luster has worn off, homeowners are faced with the dilemma of whether they should love it or list it. The west-coast cast features interior designer Jillian Harris (formerly of The Bachelorette Season V, Extreme Makeover: Home Edition) pitted against West Coast realtor Todd Talbot.

It's up to Jillian to revive that love and put a stop to the wandering eyes of our homeowners by delivering a show-stopping renovation. Meanwhile, Todd is determined to get homeowners to relocate by dangling temptation right in front of them with dreamy homes on the market. Every episode takes viewers on an emotional roller coaster as Jillian and Todd implement their plans to battle it out for the homeowners’ allegiance. The stakes are high as guests weigh the financial and emotional decisions of buying a new home or staying in the renovated one—will they love it enough to stay or is it time to list? or the

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