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Premium Natural Quartz Surfaces

TEKNIQ™ Surfaces bring the leading countertop designs from around the world to you. Our team of international buyers seek out the most innovative quartz countertop colours and make these a part of your kitchen and bath for everyday. Contact one of our consultants for your next project.

TEKNIQ™ Premium Natural Quartz is a natural quartz surface made by an optimal fusion of quartz and resin materials. TEKNIQ™ is naturally beautiful yet incredibly durable. Treated and pressed, natural quartz stone is one of nature’s hardest minerals.

TEKNIQ™ combines sleek contemporary styling with demonstrated strength and performance.
TEKNIQ™ is scratch-resistant, stain-resistant, and is offered in an array of modern colors providing a beautiful and discerning countertop solution for Homeowners, Architects, and Designers alike. Backed by a Residential Lifetime Warranty, TEKNIQ’s extreme durability makes it ideal for today’s kitchen and bathroom surfaces. TEKNIQ™ Premium Natural Quartz surfaces are the ultimate integration between natural and manufactured materials giving it superior function over granite.

TEKNIQ™ does not require sealing, re-polishing or reconditioning. Keeping your TEKNIQ™ countertop clean is easy. Simply wipe down with warm water and a mild detergent. TEKNIQ™ is 99.93% solid and resists stains from coffee, tea, wine, grape juice, food coloring, nail polish and many other agents that permanently stain or ruin more vulnerable countertop surfaces.

TEKNIQ™ smooth and impervious surface is unsuitable for bacteria and microorganism to harbor and grow. If safety and hygiene are a part of your countertop purchasing decision, TEKNIQ™ is the perfect choice for your kitchen.

TEKNIQ™ Natural Quartz Surface is manufactured using internationally patented Bretonstone® system of Breton S.p.A., Italy, as well as state-of-the-art manufacturing systems across the globe.

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