Valley Countertops
Who is Valley Countertops?

Valley Countertops Industries of Abbotsford, British Columbia, Canada has been manufacturing quality work surfaces and countertops for Canada, the US and abroad for over 35 years. Relying on timeless traditional craftsmanship, while incorporating the features and benefits provided by the latest of technologies, Valley Countertops is known for completing quality countertop installations for their clients. Whether your project is the kitchen in the heart of your home, a high-rise tower, restaurant, or hospital, Valley Countertops has the expertise to make your project fulfill your expectations.

VCI Contacts

VCI Customer Service Representatives (CSRs) are available to serve you Monday to Friday from 7:00 am to 3:30 pm Pacific Time. Please see the chart below for the contact information for your area. Use the local phone number, if possible, as this bypasses the switchboard and goes directly to the CSR. If the local number does not work in your store, please use the 1-800 number and the applicable extension number for your area.

Phone: 1-800-506-9997 (Extension # below)

Email: clientemails@valleycountertops.com

Address: 30781 Simpson Road, Abbotsford, BC V2T 6X4


Store Support
Responsibilities of the VCI regional Field Sales Representative (FSR)
  • Talking to you about programs, promotions and any changes or updates

  • Checking displays for wear and tear and cleaning these displays

  • Ordering samples and brochures as needed

  • Conducting training classes on and off the floor

  • Supporting in-store events such as Home Shows

Responsibilities of the VCI regional Customer Service Representative (CSR)
  • Communicating all information between VCI office and THD stores, THD Project Support Centre (PSC), THD customers, THD District Sales Managers (DSM) and VCI site staff

  • Quoting and entering all measure and install orders

  • Gathering complete information from the PSC on incomplete orders

  • Scheduling measure or install appointment with customers, including post-install service calls and warranty issues

Responsibilities of the Manufacturer
  • A Manufacturer is a company that makes the material the countertops are made from

  • A Granite manufacturer extracts granite from the earth and then processes and polishes the raw stone slabs

  • Cosentino makes other materials, such as Silestone®, and DuPont makes Corian®

  • The Manufacturer is responsible for the multi-year material warranty, which varies by material

  • VCI IS NOT the Manufacturer and does not warranty manufacturers’ materials

Responsibility of the Fabricator
  • A Fabricator is a company that purchases material from a manufacturer

  • A Fabricator cuts and installs countertops to fit into the customer's home

  • VCI fabricates countertops according to the standards set by the Marble Institute of America

  • VCI is responsible for the 1 year fabrication (installation) warranty (Example: Sink seals and seams)

  • VCI IS the Fabricator for the THD stone and solid surface countertop program

For nearly 70 years, the Natural Stone Institute of America has set the standards for workmanship and ethical excellence in the natural stone industry. The Natural Stone Institute serves as the international authority on technical information about the use of natural stone products. It represents companies around the world that have demonstrated their commitment to superior craftsmanship and to the industry’s best business practices.

VCI is a member of the Natural Stone InstituteLess

The Greater Vancouver Home Builders' Association represents the residential construction industry in the Greater Vancouver Area. Dedicated to the professionalism of its members, GVHBA is affiliated with the Canadian Home Builders' Association at both the provincial and national levels. Established in 1974, it is the largest of the 10 local associations in British Columbia with more than 850 members, 8 full-time and 1 part-time staff.

VCI is a member of the CHBA.Less

NSF led the development of more than 75 standards and protocols for sanitary food equipment, and has certified thousands of products as safe to use in restaurant and commercial kitchen settings. NSF food equipment standards include requirements for material safety, design, construction and product performance.

VCI offers products that are NSF certified.

Greenguard is another selling feature of Stone Countertops. Silestone, ECO, Dekton, Geos, Corian and the treatment used on Granite have all achieved the highest level of certification from Greenguard which is children and family friendly. What does this mean? Building materials can be a source of VOC’s or volatile organic compounds. These VOC’s are harmful to humans and can cause irritation and sickness if inhaled.

VCI offers products that are Greenguard certified.

The Cradle to Cradle Certified® program is a third party, multi-attribute eco-label administered by the Cradle to Cradle® Products Innovation Institute that assesses a product’s safety to humans and the environment and design for future life cycles. The program provides guidelines to help businesses implement the Cradle to Cradle® framework, which focuses on using safe materials that can be disassembled and recycled as technical nutrients or composted as biological nutrients. Unlike single-attribute eco-labels, the Cradle to Cradle CertifiedTM program takes a comprehensive approach to evaluating the design of a product and the practices employed in manufacturing the product. The materials and manufacturing practices of each product are assessed in five categories: Material Health, Material Reutilization, Renewable Energy Use, Water Stewardship, and Social Responsibility.

VCI offers products that are part of the Cradle to Cradle certified program
store supportLess


  • VCI provides daily electronic email updates that provide your store with all of the information needed to track your customer’s orders and give them up-to-date information

  • Please refer to this information before calling or e-mailing your CSR

  • The e-mail is sent directly to your Store Dashboard daily. It is also sent directly to the PSC Center



Qualifying Your Customer
  • Helping your customer make an informed decision is key to their satisfaction of the products and services they will receive.

  • This is one of the most important steps in the buying process for your customer. Taking the time at this point with the customer will result in increased customer satisfaction.

  • Use the following product comparison chart to help determine what product is most suited to your customer’s needs.

  • Find out what is important to them – color, durability, gloss, feel, seam visibility, chips, uniqueness, etc.

Note: Countertops are special order merchandise that are custom made (ie. uniquely altered, color-matched, shaped, sized, or otherwise uniquely designed or fitted to accommodate the requirements of a particular space or environment) and are

non-refundable and the purchase price cannot be refunded.



The 3 Easy Steps to Selling a Measure
1. Confirm Customer Contact information
  • Jobsite address

  • Contact person

  • Contact email address

  • Contact phone number and cell number

2. Confirm Customer Product SpecificationsLess

a. Based on the product the customer has chosen, use the appropriate product for entering the measure order.

b. Make notes in the vendor special instructions field with all relevant job information:

  • Number of rooms required to be measured

  • Color

  • Edge Profile

  • Sink (make and model#), sink MUST be on site for measure

  • Promo (if applicable)

  • Any other important details discussed with the customer

3. Confirm Customer Site ConditionsLess

a. Cabinets: Confirm that all cabinetry, doors including any finished end panels will be completely and permanently installed prior to the measure appointment, and all existing countertops will be cleared off for the measure appointment.

b. Existing Sinks: Existing sinks cannot be reused. Only newly purchased sinks will be templated at the time of the measure

appointment. Make sure to have your new sink on site for your measure appointment.

c. Sinks, faucets, countertop brackets and appliances: Confirm that all items that will be mounted into or onto the countertops (such as sinks, faucets, soap dispensers, hot/cold water dispenser, cook tops, countertop brackets, etc.) will be on the job site prior to the measure appointment. Apron and farmer sinks MUST be installed prior to the measure appointment. All cutout sizes will be confirmed at measure appointment. Dishwashers, free-standing stoves and refrigerators are also required to be onsite to confirm measurements.

Note: If the above items are not on site as required, or if any changes are made after the measure appointment, another measure appointment will be required and another measure fee will be charged. 

Note: Tilt-out trays are not compatible with under-mount sink installations. 

d. Existing tiles and mirrors on walls: If existing tiles and mirrors are not being used in the new project, they need to be removed prior to the measure appointment; this will ensure a good fit of the countertops to the wall. If the existing tiles and mirrors are being used in the new project, there may be gaps underneath or at the ends of the tiles or mirrors. Incidental damage of existing tiles and mirrors during installation are not the responsibility of VCI or THD and repairs or replacement is the customers expense.

e. Seams: The location of seams that will be required will be discussed and determined at the time of the measure appointment. Remember, all seams in stone countertops are visible to the eye. Note: Seams in patterned, veined and directional materials may not align, this is typical with stone installation and is not considered a defect. 

f. Countertop finish (overhang) at sink: If an Undermount sink is being installed in the countertops, the sink edge finish (overhang, flush, or reveal finish) will be discussed and determined at time of the measure appointment. It is always recommended to use the manufactures suggested cutout for the sink (template supplied with sink)


The Measure Appointment
  • Measure details must include Material, Colour & Edge or we cannot proceed with measure

  • VCI will confirm all details of the job with the customer during the measure appointment.

  • VCI uses sophisticated laser units and programs to accurately measure the cabinets, walls and appliances to ensure accurate sizing of countertops.

  • The digital template (as pictured) provides a considerable amount of detail that is used by the CNC machines that produce the countertops.

  • The customer will be asked to sign off on the digital template confirming all of this information.

  • A price will be given on-site.

  • When the customer closes in-home an installation date will be pre-booked to secure their installation time.

valley countertops



  • VCI takes the countertop template that was made at the customer’s home to produce a custom countertop for the customer.

  • VCI uses a sophisticated software called Slabsmith to layout the customer’s countertop on the slab(s) to ensure best look before manufacturing begins.

  • The left hand side of the image below shows two slabs of granite that are cut from the same block of granite but are very different in appearance.

  • The right hand side of the image below shows how VCI uses the Slabsmith software to create pleasing looking countertops even with slabs that vary significantly in appearance from one another.

  • Slabsmith allows VCI to provide a countertop installation with the highest quality in the industry.

  • to view Slabsmith in action click her for the video.


VCI was the first company in Western Canada to use a Waterjet for stone fabrication. It accurately cuts the countertops to replicate the laser template. This machine also ensures the alignment of the slabs using the Slabsmith layout.


The Sawjet is another piece of equipment used in the fabrication process. The saw is used to cut the straight sections of the laser template and the waterjet is used to cut the curved sections of the laser template which allows for an overall faster cutting time.


  • After the Waterjet or Sawjet completes the cutting of the countertops, the CNC router machines profile and polish the edges and sink cutouts

5. Hand Polishing and Final Inspection

  • After the countertops are profiled and polished on the CNC machines they move to the hand polishing area.

  • This is where the tops are inspected and any final polishing or touchups are done prior to shipping and installation.

2.5 Helping the Customer Prepare for the Countertop Installation Appointment

1. Inform the customer of the following items that need to be addressed:

Final wall preparation: Application of wall paper or the final coat of paint should be completed after the countertop installation. Please be assured that the upmost care will be exercised during the countertop installation in order to avoid damage to these surfaces; however, due to the large size and heavy nature of countertops, scrapes or dents to nearby surfaces are possible during the placement of the countertops. This is considered incidental damage and repair costs for these items are not covered by VCI or THD. They are considered the customer’s responsibility.

Existing backsplash, tile, and mirrors on walls: If existing backsplash, tiles and mirrors are being used in the new project, care will be exercised during the countertop installation to avoid damaging these surfaces; however due to the large size and heavy nature of the countertops, damage may occur to these items during the placement of the countertops. This is considered incidental damage and repair costs for these items are not covered by VCI or THD. They are considered the customer’s responsibility.

Removal of existing countertops, sinks, and cooktops: All these items will need to be removed prior to the installation appointment (unless such removal services have been purchased through THD). If countertop removal has been purchased from THD, then the existing countertops will need to be cleared off, plumbing disconnected (unless plumbing disconnect has been purchased through THD) and cooktops removed.

Cabinet Preparation: All sink cabinets, corner cabinets and top shelves of all lower cabinets are to be emptied. All top drawers on lower cabinets need to be removed from the cabinets prior to the installation appointment. Any cabinets resting on the countertops (e.g. appliance garage) need to be removed before the installation appointment.

Brackets or Additional Support: Any brackets or supports that are required need to be installed before the installation appointment.

Sinks, Faucets and Appliances: All sinks, faucets and integral appliances must be on site at the time of installation to confirm that correct openings are provided.

Free-Standing Appliances: Any free-standing appliances (eg. Range, Fridge) need to be removed from the installation area prior to the installation appointment to protect them from scrapes and/or dents. If these appliances are not removed from the work area VCI and THD will not be responsible for the cost of repair or replacement.


  • Should the site not be correctly prepared for the installation appointment, additional charges will apply

  • VCI does not provide ANY gas or electrical services

  • VCI only provides limited plumbing and removal services as noted in the THD Program (in certain locations only)

2. Inform the customer of the following items that need to be addressed:

Customer presence is required during the installation appointment: The customer (or designated decision maker over the age of 18) must be present during the entire installation. After the countertop has been installed, the customer must be present to inspect the countertop and sign the customer approval form that will be provided.

Access to Work Area: In order to safely carry countertops to the work area the access to the work area must be clear of snow, ice, debris, or any obstructions.

Safety: Due to the large size and heavy nature of the countertops and the use of power tools, customers, children and pets must remain out of the work area. The installers will be wearing appropriate safety equipment (including steel toed boots) and will not use drop cloths on the floor as this may cause a slip hazard.

Dust: The process of installing countertops will create some dust. Customers are advised to turn off their air conditioner or any other forced air systems, to prevent the spread of dust to other areas. The customer is also responsible to drape or cover areas of concern to contain the dust to the construction area. The job site will be left in a broom-clean condition.

Sink Mounting: Under mount sinks will be mounted to the countertop by the VCI installer once the countertop has been installed. Top mount sinks are not installed by VCI.

Reconnection of Plumbing, Electricity and Gas: It is the customer’s responsibility to reconnect the plumbing, gas and electricity through their electrician/plumber. For undermount sinks it is required to wait 24 hours before the reconnection of plumbing. This is to ensure that the sink has completely bonded to the countertop. In certain cases VCI offers same day plumbing installation, please inquire at your measure appointment if this service is available in your area.

Additional Charges: Please be aware that additional charges will be incurred for return trips arising from incomplete site readiness, as outlined in Sections 1 and 2 above.


  • VCI is not responsible for damages that occur after installation.



Determine what type of warranty issue the customer’s concern falls into. All post install service concerns fall into one of the following three categories:

  • Installation Warranty: VCI is responsible for the 1 Year Fabrication (Installation) Warranty (Items covered are sink seals and seams). Service Calls can be arranged at no charge for these items. Only after one year from the date of install, service calls will require a minimum charge (Please see Table 1. VCI Installation Warranty).

  • Material Warranty: the manufacturer is responsible for the multi-year warranty which varies by material (Please see Table 2. Warranty Items Covered).

  • Items not covered by Warranty (Please see Table 3. Items Not Covered by Warranty).

Warranty & Care Links

Care and Maintenance: http://www.silestoneusa.com/
Care and Maintenance: http://www.myctw.ca/care.html
Care and Maintenance: Dish soap and water  
Warranty: No material warranty available
Care and Maintenance: http://www.dekton.ca/care

a. If the concern is not a warranty issue (items listed in Table 3) explain the characteristics of the product.

Review the care and maintenance guide for the product chosen.

b. Ask the customer to send detailed pictures of the concern to their VCI Customer Service Rep. They will assess the damage and quote the cost of repair.


If the concern is a warranty issue (items listed in Table 1&2) proceed with following:

a. Send an email to clientemails@valleycountertops.com

  • Store #, PO Number & Customer Name

  • Digital pictures of the customers concerns – close-up, 3 feet away and 6 feet away

  • Detailed description of the concerns and what has caused the issue to develop

  • If the customer is not able to send photos, your VCI CSR will arrange a site inspection with the customer

Once the e-mail is received, your regional CSR will investigate the issue and inform PSC on the steps being taken to resolve the issue. Most issues are resolved at this level.

If an issue becomes escalated it will be brought to VCI Management for resolution.

At the end of the day, we all want happy customers!

2.7 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Does my customer’s sink have to be on site at time of the measure appointment?

Yes, we cannot complete the measure appointment unless the sink is on site. The actual physical sink measurements are taken on site to ensure accuracy of the sink hole cutouts. If we attend the customer’s measure appointment and they do not have the sink on site, then we cannot finish the measure appointment. In this case we will request an additional measure fee to return to site to complete the measure appointment.

Do the countertops need to be removed prior to the measure appointment?

No, the countertops can stay in place for the measure appointment.

Does my dishwasher need to be disconnected and removed before the countertop installation?

These items will be discussed with the customer at the measure appointment. In most cases the dishwasher does NOT need to be removed however the Stove and Fridge will need to be moved and placed out of the working area for the installation appointment.

My customer just chose their sink do they phone VCI with the information?

No. Please have the customer take the sink home for their measure appointment.

How much is a trip charge for my out of town customers? How far are you willing to go?

Trip fees vary. Within 30km from the store is free, 31-100kms cost $1.30/km one way. Additional toll or ferry charges are applicable in some regions. Some locations located further from our distribution centres require approval beyond 30kms from the store. Please contact your VCI rep to see if this applies to your location.

My customer has chosen an apron sink, does this have to be onsite prior to the measure appointment?

Apron sinks must be on site and installed in their permanent location BEFORE the measure appointment.

Why can’t VCI do the plumbing if the customer is asking for it?

VCI offers basic plumbing services that can be done within the sink cabinet in some regions. These items may include sink, faucet and supply line, garburator and dishwasher connections. VCI does not install new dishwashers, water filters, hot water dispensers etc.

Why can’t VCI remove tile countertops or splash?

Tile countertops are difficult and time consuming to remove. Removal of tile often causes damage to wall and cabinet surfaces which VCI cannot be responsible for repairing. Customer should remove tile on their own or using a contractor trained to do so.

How large of a piece can my customer get without a seam?

This depends on the material and you will need to ask your CSR. The current maximum size is 117”x54”. Size will be limited by weight and access to the home. Additional charges will apply for tops over 17 square feet.

How much overhang can a countertop support without additional brackets?

The countertop can support, without additional brackets or corbels, an overhang of:

- 10” on 1 ¼” (3 cm) Granite countertop

- 12” on 3/4” or 1 ¼” (2cm or 3cm) Silestone countertop

- 6” on 1/2” (1 cm) Corian with full Plywood Build-up

- 3" on 3/4" (2cm) Dekton countertop

However, at least 70% of the total countertop must be supported by cabinets, an island, knee wall, etc. All overhangs in excess of those previously mentioned will require corbels or brackets that must be installed prior to the field templating. New or existing cabinets must be structurally sound to withstand the weight of the future countertop (Approx. 18lbs/SF for 1 ¼” (3 cm) materials and 11lbs/SF for ¾” (2 cm) materials).

Are chips on countertops and the silicone joint between the countertop and sink covered under warranty?

Chips on countertops are not covered under warranty as they are typically caused from impact, external force, or are a natural characteristic of the product, and therefore are not a material defect. The silicone joint between the countertop and sink is covered under the installation warranty for a period of one year. If the customer would like VCI to re-silicone the countertop to the sink after the one year period VCI will provide this service for a fee.

Does the sink have to be on site for measure?

Yes, The sink must be on site to verify the measurements of the sinks to the template. Online DXF files must be provided by the sink manufacturer or additional sink template charges will apply.

Why does the customer have to pay for a return trip charge when you guys didn’t do the template?

If the customer was not prepared for the measure appointment as previously outlined and VCI could not gather all the information required at the measure appointment, the customer will be required to pay for a second measure fee for VCI to return to site to obtain the missing information. Valley Countertops allows cancellations no later than 24 hours before the appointment time without penalty, should the customer cancel within 24 hours of their appointment time the customer will be required to pay for a second measure fee. 

What is the cost for removal of existing countertops if my customer wants to keep them and not have them disposed of?
The cost for removal remains the same whether the customer wants to keep the countertops or have them disposed of. 
Why don’t you have separate pricing for removal and disposal? Customer doesn’t feel that it’s fair.
Removal and Haul away are a single charge in the THD program, this is not set by VCI.

What are my sink mounting options for Undermount sinks?

There are overhang, flush and reveal.



  • Not all sinks have all options. It is important to discuss with your VCI representative the pros and cons of each to help make an informed decision.

What are Special Handing charges?

Special handling charges are incurred when there are items related to an order that are not covered, or included in, the basic Home Depot/VCI Countertop Program. Many of these items can be identified before the site measure, but are more accurately defined at the time of the measure appointment (In-home Sales Closing Order). Keep in mind that Special Handing fees are charged as “each” and more than one Special Handling fee may be added to an order.

What are some situations that trigger Special Handing fees?

There are various items that will trigger one or more Special Handling fees. The following are some of the more common ones:

  • One or more Special Handling fee(s) will be triggered for countertop pieces that are 17 SF or larger. Large Individual pieces of countertops are difficult to handle in production, crating, shipping and installing. For instance, a 30 SF granite countertop will weigh up to 600 pounds and will require Special handling all the way through the process. There is also a higher likelihood of breaking or damaging a large countertop compared to a smaller top. The number of Special handling charges on an order will be based on the largest countertop piece on that job, and should there be other large countertops on the job, no other Special Handling fees will be added. Special Handling fees can be avoided by adding additional seams, creating countertop pieces that are less than 17 SF.

Estimating Handling fees:

0-17 SF - No handling fee

17-26 SF - Charge 1 handling fee 

27-36 SF - Charge 2 handling fees

37+ SF - Charge 3 handling fees

  • Difficult access to the site will also incur Special handling charges. These could include stairways, lack of direct access to the entry door, elevators, etc. If you have any concerns or question of whether a Special Handling charge will apply to your customer’s job, please contact your VCI CSR



  • D - DIRECTIONAL pattern seams in countertops and edges will be highly visible.

  • M - High MAINTENANCE color. Shows fingerprints, watermarks, and inconsistent sheen throughout the  countertops. 

  • P - PITTING overtime some of these pieces may become dislodged and separate from the countertop. This is due  to the large pieces of recycled glass within the material. This is not considered a defect and is not covered under material warranty. 

  • FP - FISSURES AND PITS natural product.


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